Ariana's Party was a house party organised by Ariana Tempp. It was where alot of "Drama" occured and where relationships were formed.

Major Events

  • Xander takes part of Davey's virginity
  • Xander and Davey officially start dating
  • Chloett and Nick Knowles have sex and start a relationship
  • The group discover a new breed of vampire and werewolf
    • Angelic Vampires
    • Demonic Werewolves
  • The Co-Chairman of GIVERs joins the party and is murdered



Ariana decided to hold a house party for the celebration of the killing the Angel of Fear, however, things take a turn for the worse when some of the party guests turn out to be a new breed of demons called Angelic Vampires and Demonic Werewolves. 


The werewolves and vampires that she acciedentally invited gradually started killing people. Ariana notied the lessen in people and followed a pair of people going to a bedroom to stop them, when she arrived, one was a vampire draining the innocent, she screamed and the Vampire dived on her. It drug it's teeth in her neck and her reflex caused her knee the vampire in the gut. As it fell off of her, she screamed for Xander and when he and Davey turned up, a werewolf pounced on Xander, it's claw rose to kill Xander and Davey stabbed the Wolf in the back of the neck with his knife. The Vampire stood up and said: "Angelic Vampires don't get killed by stakes". The three looked confused and the Angelic Vampire grinned. He attempted to escape but Xander dived on him and stuck a wooden stake in his heart. It did nothing. So Xander punched him and then stuck the stake in his throat. As he screamed, Xander dragged it across the floor and beheaded him, to which he turned to dust. 

The Co-Chairman and Chairman were downstairs fighting back, but an Angelic Vampire drained the Co-Chairman's blood and a Werewolf went for the Chairman, but Ariana shot it down. Lauran let an Angelic Vampie run away and then used a protection spell which caused all Vampiric and Werewolven species to be forced out of the house.

Xander & Davey

Xander again flirts with Davey and Davey pulls him in to kiss him. Xander gets shocked by this but continues anyway. Davey asks to go upstairs to which Xander agrees. While up there, Davey opens up to Xander about his past to which Xander kisses him again. Xander then asks him to be his boyfriend and Davey says that he doesn't think he'd be very good at being one to which Xander then goes down on him. Afterwards, Xander asks again and Davey says yes. 

During the Fight, Davey kills a werewolf that was about to kill Xander with one swipe.

Lives Saved

Person Saved Savior How
Xander Evans Davey Scott Impaled a Werewolf with his boot knife
Angelic Vampire Lauran Flag Knocked Out a bystander who was about to kill the Angelic Vampire
Chairman of GIVER Ariana Tempp Shot a Werewolf
Innocents GIVERs

Various Weaponary and Combat

Lives Lost

Deceased Killer How
Co-Chairman of GIVER Angelic Vampire Drained his blood
Innocents Angelic Vampires and Demonic Werwolves Blood Draining and Mauling

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