Ariana "Ari" Tempp (Born 1993) is a Canadian werewolf hunter working for GIVERs. She is assigned the agent digit of 351VS2. Her best friends are Lauran Flag and Xander Evans .


Ariana was born in canada in 1993 to a homosexual male couple. She was carried by a surrogate mother for them. Ariana grew up being very good at certain sports, including Javalin and Basketball, however, she will never wear trousers as she enjoys the freedom and dress or skirt gives her legs. 

When she turned 13, one of her fathers was killed by a werewolf and the other was turned into one. She was forced to kill the first werewolf with a silver plated letter opener. She swore that she would track down her father and revive him.

Once she hit 19, she was found by GIVER after they were investigating her, they helped her with extra training and she now owns a gun with silver bullets.


  • Object Multiplication - Ariana can twist the dimesions around her and drag duplicates of things from said dimensions, which she uses to multiply her silver bullets
  • Enhanced Smell - She developed this hightened sense of smell as she learned the tiniest distinction between and human and a werewolf in human form


Ariana weilds two weapons of choice, all chosen to fight against werewolves.

  • Mamba Pistol x2
    • Silver Bullets
  • Small Dagger


Ariana has had one love interest however, he was attacked by a werewolf and left her when he figured out her true self. He was later killed by Lauran Flag and sired.

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