Chloett "Clo" Misora (Born 1993) is a Mermaid Protector from Australia. She is girlfriend to Nick Knowles.


Chloett was born in to a tribe of people who lived by a secluded part of the ocean. She grew up surrounded by humans and mermaids and didn't think anything of it until she went to the city. She learned that Mermaids weren't wanted by the humans and when they tried to slaughter them all, Chloett rose as their protector. She threatened the whole of the human race with an echoing voice saying: "These creatures are protected, any harm that comes to them will result in the ocean taking over the land, you have been warned", she was taught how to swim and breath underwater by the merpeople until GIVER came to her and asked her to help them. She agreed as they said that it would help the merpeople.

To this day, the echo of her threat still goes and is heard by the group every now and then.


  • Highly Skilled at Swimming - Learned from the Mermaids
  • Underwater Breathing - Learned from the Mermaids
  • Echo Voice - Her threat lives on leading to the belief that she has the power to let it live on


She only carries one weapon of the merpeople which is:

  • Fish-Carved Thowing Blades


Chloett was quite promiscuous and was shown leaving rooms with boys in them. She however stopped when she was charmed by Nick Knowles and she persued him. They eventually ended up having sex at Ariana's party .

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