David "Davey" Scott (Born 1993) is a scottish solider who was taken out of the army to asist GIVER. He is the boyfriend to Xander Evans.


Davey grew up with a relativley happy childhood, according to him, but in fact, he had a traumatising childhood with backlash that caused mental problems as an adult. His best friend's mother attempted to sexually abuse him, but he prevented it and a year later ended up shooting her in the head.

His trauma didn't stop there, a merman with mind controlling powers tried to get him to commit suicide at the age of 16. He was saved by a boy his age but the boy was killed in the process.

After he joined the army, he was taken out for GIVER and he was willing to join straight away but when he met them all he had a panic attack.


  • Highly skilled in all weaponary - From army training
  • Power Negation - Developed from his traumatic childhood to block things out


Since he joined the army he can handle all weapons but only carries a few

  • Handheld Pistol
  • Boot Dagger


Davey avoided any form of intimicy because of his childhood best friend's mother however, after Xander Evans flirted with him alot, Davey lowered his guards and even made the first move on Xander. They ended up going into a bedroom at Ariana's house party and Xander "Went Down" on him. Xander is now Davey's boyfriend.

He exchanged flirtatious conversation with vampire, Lauran at one point but never went through with anything.

Davey identifies as Pansexual, meaning he doesn't care about gender when it comes to attraction

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