Lauran Flag is a Texan Vampire born in 1634. She was the second person tracked down by GIVER and helped form it to what it is now. Her best friend is Ariana Tempp.


Lauran grew up in a very religious cathorlic household where she was forced to worship God. When she turned 14 she rebelled against her parents to which they responded by sewing her lips shut. With her lips sewed shut, she wasn't able to scream when a vampire sired her and she was turned into a vampire herself. 

She murdered her own family and sired her brother then they both invaded the church, however, since vampire cannot enter God's house, they torched the building. Unfortunatly, in 1873, after she joined GIVERs, her brother was killed by the slayer of that time. She was so angry that she voud to get revenge and she began practising magic. She was able to learn a few small spells and she hunted down the slayer. She had learned how to create raindrops in her hand and to move small objects with her mind. She used her new found magic to turn the slayer's stake against her and Lauran drained her dry. 

Lauran then was still asked to be apart of GIVERs but was and is monitered, especially around Xander. Lauran has since been expanding her powers alongside her vampiric powers.


  • Enhanced Strength - Being a Vampire, this is a natural vampiric power
  • Enhanced Speed - Being a Vampire, this is a natural vampiric power
  • Enhanced Sences - Being a Vampire, this is a natural vampiric power
  • Face-Shifting - Being a Vampire, this is a natural vampiric power to change into her vampire face
  • Agility - Being a Vampire, this is a natural vampiric power
  • Spell Casting - She is a self-taught witch and can cast spells in English and Latin
  • Telekinesis - She developed this power from a spell until she could do it without the use of words


Being a Vampire, Lauran has no use for weapons but still carries the stake that killed her brother and the old slayer

  • Wooden Stake


Lauran has shown to have an interest in Davey Scott and when Ariana brought it up, Lauran replied with "I've still got a Chance, he's not dating Xander and he's Bi"; however, this was before Xander and Davey started dating for real.

Lauran fell in love with Vampire Master, Mali but was unable to be with him as he was a mass murderer and had to be slayn by Xander.

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