Alexander "Xander" Evans (Born 1993) is a Vampire Slayer from South Whales. He has the agent digit of 422NL0. He was Chosen to be the vampire slayer after past slayer, Josie, was murdered by GIVER for being rogue. His best friend is Ariana Tempp .


Xander grew up in the country where he would practise fighting for fun, he learned how to run up trees and flipped off of them. He had a girlfriend called Meghan who took his virginity at age 14. Not long after that, they finished and Xander started dating a boy called Joshua which Xander ended after he became the slayer and vampires were hunting him. 

He began mastering his Vampire Slayer powers and was able to take on four vampires at once, he was found by GIVER after they were looking for the newest slayer. The organisation gave a retractable stake and crossbow for slayer vampires and he joined the institute.


  • Stealth & Agility - He developed great stealth and agility by training himself and when he became the slayer, it was magnified
  • Enhanced Strength - Being the Slayer, he gains this power as well as others
  • Enhanced Speed - Being the Slayer, he gains this power as well as others
  • Enhanced Sense - Being the Slayer, he gains this power as well as others so he can sense when a vampire is near


Xander uses primarily wooden weapons as thats what kills vampires

  • Retractable Stake
  • Many Wooden Stakes
  • Crossbow
    • Wooden Arrows
    • Metal Arrows


After finishing with his girlfriend, he moved on with a boy but after that one ended aswell, Xander spends his free time flirting with Davey Scott , who also likes him in return.

Xander identifies as Bisexual however, different characters have just classed him as Homosexual (Gay), but he is in fact bi.

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